Fantasy 101

It seems like there are a lot of blogs and websites dedicated to Fantasy Football; unfortunately none of them lay out some basic tips to players, whether they are rookies just entering the league or older veterans. This article lays out what you should be keeping an eye on week in and week out in order to give your team success.

  • Rotoworld

Rotoworld is the God of Fantasy Sports, period.  If you want the most up to date information, read their articles all week and check out their player news throughout the days leading up to games. If you have an RSS feed option on your smart phone, even better.  They rarely miss on predictions, and their player rankings are excellent.

  • NFL Match-ups

If you’re an experienced Fantasy Guru you’re probably thinking “No shit, play good players against bad teams.” However, there is more to it than that. Look at the Patriots last year: the Pats had one of the worst defenses in the league, and Fantasy numbers were dropped on them all day. Find out who has awful run and pass defenses on or ESPN. Make your best judgement.

  • Waiver Wire

I can’t stress the importance of the waiver wire enough in order to win a Fantasy Championship. You can usually play around with 2-3 spots on your team. Take advantage of that; wide receivers especially. Players take time to develop, and  once the lights turn on, they stay on for the remainder of their career.

  • Trades

I don’t like high profile trades in Fantasy. The  prior production is almost always the same, no matter what players are involved, only with household-named players thrown in. Low-risk trades are the way to go. If your league trades draft picks, save your high picks unless you’re almost certain it’s worth the risk. The picks are worth more than most players.

  • Your gut

Ah, the gut. You’ve made awesome decisions with it… (and some of the worst decisions ever with it.) Just don’t over think it-that’s about it. Go with your gut more when your opponent has a stacked lineup and you need to take a couple of risks to win the week.

That’s all I have for now, as I can’t reveal who I think you should draft (with my own draft coming up soon.) I’ll be posting more articles throughout the Fantasy Season here on The No Credentials Podcast Network. Good luck with your season(s)!


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