The No Credentials Podcast Network offers original insight into news stories that isn’t provided in the mainstream media. The shows of the network, ranging from The D and C Sports Podcast, Crashing the Net and Vegan and The Cannibal, provide the listener with informed, yet unbiased coverage of current events. Tom Daly and Mike Callow discuss D.C. sports from an ordinary fan’s perspective, and then move into international hockey coverage on their show, Crashing the Net. No “credentialed” sports reporter can rival their expertise and knowledge of anything sports-related, or their understanding of the fans’ views and desires. Vegan and The Cannibal presents an opportunity for Vegans and Non-Vegans to discuss food, the environment, and animal welfare. The personalities on offer opinions that are free from outside influence, and allow the listener to view news stories in an innovative and different way.


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