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Erat-ic Behavior

Columbus Blue Jackets v Nashville Predators

On a trade deadline that offered crickets for the first half of the day, the Washington Capitals made sure to cement its exit with a loud boom. The noise was so big, in fact, that the Capitals requested that all local T.V. and news networks attend a press conference to hear it. An hour-and-a-half delay after the initial deadline, Capitals General Manager George McPhee announced  that the Capitals had traded away prized Center/Winger prospect Filip Forsberg for veteran Right Winger Martin Erat and minor leaguer Michael Latta. BOOM! That was the sound of Caps’ fans jaws hitting the floor. It was the sound of the Verizon Center’s roof collapsing from within, and the sound of the rapturous cheers in Nashville for the prized possession they seemingly just received for a bucket of used hockey pucks. In one half-an-hour’s time, McPhee managed to enrage one fan-base, while elating another.

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The D and C DC Sports Podcast- 2/9/13

Superbowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers  - Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Segment 1- The guys talk about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl and Beyonce’s halftime show.

2/9/13 DCDC Segment 1

Segment 2- Tom, Mike and Adam discuss the Capitals’ horrendous start to the season

2/9/13 DCDC Segment 2

Segment 3- If you had to buy one DC sports jersey who would it be?

2/9/13 DCDC Segment 3

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Comeback Caps

Troy Brouwer, Scott Clemmensen

The Washington Capitals secured their first winning streak of the 2012-2013 season in dramatic fashion, defeating the Florida Panthers 6-5 in overtime on Tuesday night. The win gives the Caps two wins in a row for the first time in the 2012-2013 season and was also the first road win of the season for the team, stretching their record to 4-8-1. Washington did not make it easy on themselves however, as the game took on many aspects that have resulted in losses. It followed a formula that offered the Capitals scoring the first goal, early in the first period, only to suffer defensive lapses in the second. However, one key cog that proved to be a difference in the game was the goaltending by Braden Holtby, something that has often been a letdown for this particular hockey club. Despite the score, and the game’s identity that resembled a Caps game from 2009, Holtby proved to battle through bad bounces and tough breaks to come up strong in the games most critical moments. He stood tall on a Panther 2-on-0 breakaway, making a dazzling save that saw him going into the full splits. He also fought back after a controversial fifth goal by Florida that was scored after an inadvertent whistle blew simultaneously as the puck crossed the goal line. But the key story from this game was not Holtby. It was instead the morale and comradery of a team that has folded like a house of cards earlier in the season when it found itself in similar situations this year. It was the notion that this team, down two goals with five minutes to play in the third, battled back for their coach, for each other, and for their dwindling hopes of a successful season.

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The D and C DC Sports Podcast- 1/27/13


Segment 1- Tom, Mike and Adam talk about the 2013 NatsFest and Bryce Harper

1-27-13 DCDC Seg 01

Segment 2- The guys talk about the over the top Caps fans who end up making it all about themselves

1-27-13 DCDC Seg 02

Segment 3- Adam brings up Mel Kiper’s grades of the 2012 NFL Draft

1-27-13 DCDC Seg 03

Segment 04- The guys talk about the Verizon Center switching from Coke to Pepsi

1-27-13 DCDC Seg 04

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My Experience Volunteering: Strawberries and Salad Greens Day

The D.C. Farm to School Network hosted its third annual Strawberries and Salad Greens Day yesterday. Fresh, locally grown produce was served at dozens of schools throughout Washington, D.C.

I had the pleasure of helping to run a “Where Food Comes From” table in the cafeteria at a charter school in Northeast D.C.

Equipped with lettuce seedlings, strawberry plants, seasonality charts, a handful of trivia, and of course, stickers, two school volunteers and I attempted to explain local food to K-8 graders.

I was surprised by the fact that most of the students, even the older ones, had never heard of the term “locally grown.” Thankfully, I was able to hold their attention (with the promise of a sticker,) so that the students could point to local farms on a map of D.C. and understand that the local food comes from farms not too far away.

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