Occupy Bilderberg 2012

Last Thursday, May 31st, marked the beginning of the annual Bilderberg Conference. Consequently, it also marked the beginning of the “Occupy Bilderberg” protest, outside of the conference headquarters at the entrance of the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, VA.

The “Occupiers” of the protest demanded more transparency with the meeting. The annual conference consists of over 100 various world elites from all walks of life; ranging from the Queen of the Netherlands to the chairman of the Federal Reserve, from political powerhouses such as Henry Kissinger to business magnates such as David Rockefeller (a list of members and invitees can be viewed on the Bilderberg official website)

Activists oppose the meeting of these individuals under the pretenses that it violates the democratic nature of our society, and that important global decisions are pondered without any knowledge or consent given to the public. It is speculated that the upcoming Presidential election was a main focus of this year’s conference.

The Westfields Marriott was closed to the public and general guests were kicked out last weekend due to “construction.” Meanwhile, hoards of police and security officers lined the entrance, and the complex was surrounded by barbed wire and black sun screens on the fences. Several hundred protesters convened peacefully throughout the weekend in order to voice their disapproval for the conference.

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